Whether you’re shopping for your mother, your wife or a friend, here are some great kitchen gifts to give. They are both practical and stylish.

A beautiful marble wine cooler is an elegant addition to any kitchen. It also makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift. These stylish products are available in five colors, making it easy to find one that matches your mom’s taste.

An engraved cutting board is a great gift for mom that she will use for years to come. You can customize the board with her name and favorite recipe. It will become a beautiful addition to your kitchen and a special keepsake for your family. You can even include an inside joke or a funny quote. You can buy one in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If your mom loves to cook, she will appreciate a recipe box. This cute box contains geometric-themed recipe cards, as well as a holder. This is a wonderful present for both new and seasoned chefs. This set comes with a cookbook, too.

If she’s a fan of tea, an electric kettle is a great gift for her. There are multiple settings for heat, so it will be perfect for her. The handle on most electric kettles is easy to adjust, so she can choose the right heat setting for her drinks.

Another stylish and useful cooking gift is a soy candle. This one has alluring fragrances like watermelon, pear and coconut. These candles burn for up to 100 hours, so they last long enough to be used at home.

An extra-virgin olive oil soap is perfect for hand washing dishes. This soap is specially designed for sensitive skin. This soap is great for a home cook who likes to keep her dishes clean.

A gift box with two succulents is also a great idea. These plants can be planted indoors and will grow into beautiful plants after a few weeks. This plant gift box is available in small and medium sizes. You can buy them for as little as $13.

If she enjoys baking, consider a gift of a Kindle Paperwhite. This waterproof, water-resistant book has a screen that looks like a real book. It also lets you print images instantly. It makes a fun and unique gift for mom who likes to read and entertain. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure what she’s looking for, a foodie gift card is a great gift. It’s a convenient way for her to try out a new recipe every month.

Lastly, a set of wooden salt and pepper grinders are perfect for any kitchen. They’re a great way to add flavor to any dinner table. You can get them in a decorative gift box or you can personalize them with the salt or pepper that she prefers.

These kitchen gifts are the perfect way to show your mom how much she means to you. You can also add a touch of style to your gift with a printed tea towel. Wrap the towel around a favorite item and you’ve given a thoughtful, unique gift.

Creating a Charcuterie Board With Epoxy

Creating an epoxy charcuterie board is an excellent gift idea for Mothers who love to cook and host. There are several designs that you can put on the board. You can buy a board or make one yourself for your mum, which she will really appreciate.

Common meats used on a charcuterie board

Whether you are hosting a dinner party, a casual lunch, or a movie night, a charcuterie board is a great addition to your menu. It can be filled with your favorite meats, cheeses, breads, and more. It is an excellent way to introduce new foods to your guests.

Meats that work well on a charcuterie board include prosciutto, cured ham, and summer sausage. These are usually thinly sliced. If you can’t find these cured meats, you can fill in the space with hard or soft cheeses, crostini, or a few nut-filled crackers.

The ultimate charcuterie board includes fruit, nuts, and cheeses. It’s easy to put together and is a tasty addition to a traditional appetizer platter.

If you’re looking for a charcuterie board that’s elegant yet easy to assemble, look no further than Lynn & Liana Designs. These handcrafted, eco-friendly epoxy cheese and bread boards are the perfect way to add a stylish accent to your kitchen.

Linseed oil is a good finish for charcuterie boards

Using Linseed oil as a finish on wood charcuterie boards can help you to achieve a beautiful look while keeping your food safe. The finish protects against scratches and abrasions. It also imparts a depth of color to your wood.

Linseed oil is a natural product. It’s derived from the seeds of the flax plant. It absorbs deeply into the grain of the wood and gives it a satin finish. It’s also environmentally friendly.

There are two types of linseed oil: raw linseed oil and boiled linseed oil. The former is the purest form of oil, while the latter is a combination of drying agents and petroleum derivatives.

The difference between raw and boiled linseed oil is that the former is food-safe and has zero heavy metals. It’s also easier to clean with it. It is also non-toxic. It can be added to oil-based paints and it has a mild odor.

The drying time of linseed oil varies depending on the type of wood and the environmental humidity. It can take up to a week for a wood board to fully dry.

Creating labels on a charcuterie board

Creating labels on a charcuterie board with epoxy is a practical gift, and a stylish way to display your spread. The resin provides a high gloss finish and adds a decorative touch.

The epoxy charcuterie board is crafted out of olive wood. It also comes with a matching set of coasters. It is available at Target. It is a popular DIY project among epoxy enthusiasts. It will soon become one of your favorite conversation pieces.

There are many ways to decorate a charcuterie board. You can write sweet messages on the board or label ingredients with chalk.

Some people like to create a food map, which is a clever way to label your spread. It takes a lot of digital and artistic skills, and it is time-consuming, but it is a great idea for display.

Another popular method is to insert flags. These can be added to the board in any size and shape. You can then write the name of the cheese on the board with a dry-erase marker.

Resin cheese board kit

Whether you’re creating a cheese board for yourself or a gift, this craft kit will get the job done. It comes with resin, sandpaper, paint, stain cloth, and hardener.

You can use a number of different colors to make your resin art. For example, you can use white and red resins for a marbled look. Or you can mix in silver ink for a metallic look.

Before you start mixing, you’ll need to decide what type of wood you’re going to work with. You’ll want to choose wood that’s kiln dried. Unkiln dried wood isn’t as safe. This could cause your resin to crack or run. You’ll also need to seal the wood with a sealant first.

Once you’ve chosen the board, you’ll need to find the right amount of resin. The amount you need depends on the size of the area you’re going to cover.

The resin you use must be cured. This can be done overnight or for 24 hours.